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Most   Christians   don't   know   what   it   means   to   soak.   It's   about   just   laying   in   His presence,   no   praying   in   English   or   tongues,   no   thinking   and   no   speaking.   Just   silent before   Him.   It's   easier   than   it   sounds.   How   do   I   not   do   anything?   Just   lay   down close   your   eyes   and   let   Him   minister.   Lay   on   a   bed,   the   floor,   or   whereever   you   can completely   relax   and   let   go…You   may   fall   asleep   or   be   taken   in   the   Spirit   or   dream or   have   a   vision   but   you   will   be   ministered   to.   Often   we   pray,   we   ask   but   we   don’t wait   to   hear   the   Lord’s   Response.      “Soaking”   is   a   way   of   quieting   the   noise   so   you can   hear   that   “still   small   voice”   speak   to   you.   We   are   told   to   roll   our   cares   over   on Him and labor to enter into His rest. “There   remaineth   therefore   a   rest   to   the   people   of   God.   For   he   that   is   entered   into his   rest,   he   also   hath   ceased   from   his   own   works,   as   God   did   from   his.      Let   us labour   therefore   to   enter   into   that   rest,   lest   any   man   fall   after   the   same   example   of unbelief.” Heb4:9-11 Consider   also   Samuel   as   a   little   boy   -   he   slept   by   the   Ark   of   the   Covenant   -   resting in   the   Presence   of   Yah   1Sam3:3   “And   ere   the   lamp   of   God   went   out   in   the   temple of the Lord, where the ark of God was, and Samuel was laid down to sleep; Charlotte’s   music   is   for   soaking;   laying   in   the   presence   of   the   Lord   and   just   allowing His     Holy     Spirit     to     minister     through     the     singing     and     praying     in     tongues spontaneously   given   in   joyful   worship   of   Yeshua.   You   can   enjoy   it   in   other   places   of course,   but   try   it   in   the   secret   place,   lay   in   His   Presence   as   Samuel   did   and   rest   in Your Heavenly Father’s Love with
Worship in Spirit & Truth”
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