The Keruvim Project In 2010 I was given a vision of these figures to create for Restoration Prayer House 2Chron.3:13 “ The wings of these cherubims spread themselves forth twenty cubits: and they stood on their feet, and their faces were inward.” (Keruvim   is   the   proper   name   of   what   in   the   KJV   Bible   and   others   is   refered   to   as “Cherubim”   -   which   are   really   just   the   pagan   flying   “angel”   baby   figures).   The Keruvim     guard     the     Glory     of    Yahuah.    These     figures     are     made     out     of polycarbonate   (the   stuff   they   make   police   riot   shields   out   of)   -   they   are   7.5ft   tall and   they   are   lit   from   behind   with   LED   rope   light   -   they   are   being   painted   to   look like   stain   glass   for   the   sanctuary   space   of   the   prayer   house.   This   has   been   an on-going   project   as   led   by   the   Holy   Spirit.   On   this   page   are   just   some   of   the images of the process - more detail can be found on the  Facebook Page of Restoration Prayer House 
Reworking initial image to vector computer art lines for tracing on forms
Then Attaching LED rope light to back of figures
Painting faux “leading” lines with latex paint
Created the Outline to have forms rendered
Completing leading lines
At long last the color is being added
The Ephod stones are clear glass cabachons  “Gallery Glass” colored
then the Metallic Golds being airbrshed
When the Keruvim are finished they will look like this: positioned between a white LED rope light wrapped cross
Now the Painting of the Wings