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RULES OF RESTORATION PRAYER HOUSE and explanation 1.    All    visitors    expected    to    remove their      shoes      upon      entering      the backdoor.   Leave   shoes   in   hallway   or on   stairs.   This   is   a   prophetic   act   to leave   the   world   at   the   door   to   enter into HIS Presence. 2.   Cell   phones   need   to   be   on   quite mode or better yet leave outside 3. Please NO food or drinks 4.   No      “worldly   conversation   allowed in   the   house.   Leave   it   outside.   We only   want   converstaion   that   glorifies the Lord - Magnifies HIM. We   are   serious   about   respecting   the Presence    of    Almighy    Yah    and    not interrupting   the   ministry   of   the   Holy Spirit.    Worship    as    the    Holy    Spirit leads;   sing,   flag,   dance   or   just   soak in His Presence. Worship   music   plays   24/7   inside   and outside    Restoration    Prayer    House. The     house     will     not     be     officially dedicated   till   2017   -   but   is   open   on an    on-going    limited    basis    for    LIVE Worship    &    Prayer    on    Thur.    nights begining    7pm    and    all    worshippers are     welcome,     all     who     want     an encounter   with   the   God   of   the   Bible,     to   be   touched,   healed,   restored   by HIM we invite you to join us.
Though the actual dedication of Restoration Prayer House will not be till later  20391 Hwy 138, Sterling, - FOR MORE INFO CALL 951-544-5528